About Me

I’m Paddy Lavelle, leadership and communications coach. I help mid-senior level managers develop and showcase their leadership capability, increase their visibility and ultimately shape their future career.

Journey to Effective Leadership

In my earlier career, I started my journey in three leading Irish organisations, holding strategically distinct HR management roles. It was during this time I identified an opportunity to help others develop their potential and provide support throughout their career.

Identifying Challenges

Throughout my tenure as a leadership coach, interestingly, the challenges formed a consistent pattern amongst the mid to senior-level leaders I worked with, such as:

  • Managing daily operations
  • Making decisions
  • Initiating change and driving performance
  • Achieving results
  • Frustration at the time it took to get people on board

These leadership challenges propelled me to found my own business in 2007.

Transforming Leadership

Guided 1,000+ of diverse leaders across various sectors annually

Enabled transformation, resulting in leaders confidently driving change and enhancing team dynamics

Assisted countless professionals in smoothly advancing to higher leadership roles

As leadership landscapes evolve, so does my mission:

Instilling confidence in managers, enabling them to lead at any level

Making sure managers have the ability to lead teams and organisations effectively while maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle

Steering mid to senior-tier managers to actualise their professional ambitions

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