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Personalised coaching for leaders who are ready to achieve their full potential.

As a leader, you know that the higher you ascend the ladder, the more isolating it can become. That’s why you need a trusted partner to guide you on your journey to leadership mastery.

How I can Help

The Total Impact Leadership & Executive Coaching programme is a personalised coaching programme that will help you:

  • Overcome imposter syndrome and boost your confidence as a leader
  • Cultivate a commanding executive presence that inspires mutual trust, confidence and respect
  • Refine critical leadership competencies, such as communication, persuasion, influence, and strategic negotiation
  • Develop a clear vision for your leadership and create a strategic plan to achieve your goals
  • Navigate challenges with ease and resilience

The Catalyst Behind the Programme

In today’s fast-paced leadership landscape, the constant demands often overshadow reflective growth. Juggling busy personal and professional lives is often a significant challenge for female leaders. However, data shows personalised coaching greatly enhances leadership development and resilience, preventing performance dips. 

Executive coaching is essential for the following:

  • improving communication 
  • boosting executive presence
  • handling conflicts
  • sharpening leadership skills
  • developing strategic negotiation tactics

Exclusive Bite-Sized Zoom Sessions With Big Insights

Schedule 2 x 20-minute Zoom sessions to:

  • Gain clarity on your leadership strengths and potential pitfalls.
  • Identify which facets of your leadership abilities can be optimised for desired results.
  • Decode professional spheres causing self-doubt and arm yourself with strategic solutions.
  • Understand the intricacies of your influence—why it flourishes in certain arenas and not in others, and tailor your approach accordingly.


How many sessions are involved?

We customise the number of sessions based on individual requirements.

How much is it?

Contact us to discuss the optimal coaching programme that aligns with your needs, and we’ll provide details on the number of sessions and costs.

Can my organisation cover the fee?

Absolutely. Our coaching spans three leadership domains: personal, interpersonal, and business.

Is the coaching confidential?

Your trust is paramount. We will not divulge anything discussed. Our sessions are password-protected, and we maintain a strict digital-first policy—nothing is printed.

Ready to redefine your leadership journey?

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