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Total Impact Coaching and Training Services for mid to senior-level leaders

Achieve your goals and reach your full potential with our personalised coaching and training programmes.

Career Transition Coaching for Leaders

Stepping into senior leadership roles, especially as a female leader, requires a distinctive approach.

Our leadership coaching programme is meticulously crafted to empower female leaders to understand their strengths, strategically position themselves, and achieve their desired senior leadership roles.

The First 90 Days Coaching Programme for Female Leaders

The early days in a senior leadership role can be pivotal. This programme provides female leaders with an actionable roadmap to:

  • confidently navigate challenges at senior level
  • adapt quickly to new organisational cultures
  • align with stakeholder expectations
  • set the stage for long-term success

Leadership & Executive Coaching for Leaders

Research shows that one-to-one coaching accelerates leadership development and builds resilience, enabling leaders to prevent performance dips and maintain momentum.

Executive coaching can be instrumental in leaders developing their communication style, executive presence, navigating conflicts and other critical leadership skills required for success in ever-changing, fast-paced environments where critical decisions are made every day.

Training Programmes

Our team training programmes are meticulously designed to empower managers and leaders, enabling them to communicate, influence, and inspire effectively.

We have an array of workshops tailored to areas like effective communication techniques, situational dynamics navigation, and fostering growth and inspiration.

Benefits of Total Impact’s Coaching and Training Services

  • Personalised coaching and training modules designed to meet your individual aspirations and challenges.
  • Expertise in guiding female leaders through the unique challenges they face, empowering them to rise to senior positions.
  • Guidance on leveraging strengths and positioning oneself effectively for senior leadership roles.
  • Concrete strategies for the pivotal early days in senior leadership roles, ensuring alignment and setting the stage for sustained success.
  • Training designed for leading in multiple settings, guiding management through diverse leadership challenges and making a positive impact.
  • Workshops designed to improve team communication, influence, and inspiration, focusing on navigating modern work dynamics.

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