First 90 Days Coaching Programme For Female Leaders

Congratulations on your new role.

Stepping into a new leadership role is thrilling and filled with anticipation and promise. Yet, many leaders underestimate the significance of this transition, especially when moving from mid-level to senior positions. Female leaders often find these transitions particularly challenging.

Studies reveal that 30-50% of new female executives fail within the first eighteen months. The first three months are crucial as they lay the groundwork for your success. The Total Impact First 90 Days Coaching Programme will help you overcome potential obstacles and accelerate your onboarding and performance success by as much as 40%.

Introducing the Total Impact First 90 Days Programme

The transition from mid-level to senior leadership can be challenging, particularly in a new organisation.

Many leaders, without the right support, struggle to:

  • Adapt to organisational culture at this level
  • Manage stakeholder expectations
  • Identify and overcome challenges
  • Shift from a tactical to a strategic mindset

The Total Impact First 90 Days Programme, informed by extensive coaching experience and research, bridges this gap, providing you with a blueprint to accelerate your success.



Acquaint yourself with the organisation and its ethos.


Establish the current reality and desired outcomes.


Spotlight challenges and opportunities.


Create your strategy and develop your plan.


Forge essential relationships and establish alliances.


Build confidence by achieving collective quick wins.


Reduce inefficiencies in structures and systems.


Achieve tangible results.

Your Bridge To Senior Leadership

Our onboarding coaching programme isn’t just another coaching experience. It’s a systematic leadership development guide equipped with proven strategies to ensure your transition is smooth and empowering.

What Will You Take Away?

A blueprint for a rapid yet thorough transition to ensure your future leadership success.

Tools to step into newer roles, exuding confidence and credibility from day one.

Skills to adeptly manage and navigate the inherent challenges of leadership transitions.

Fortified confidence ensuring you’re always able to make significant impact.

The Total Impact First 90 Days Coaching Programme Is For You If:

  • You feel the call to step into your new leadership potential.
  • You are ready to bridge the gap from mid-level to senior leadership.
  • You are a female leader lacking confidence in ability to deliver on all expectations in your new role.
  • You’d like to quickly and successfully feel confident juggling the myriad demands of your new role, eliminating any traces of overwhelm or self-doubt.

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